Mr Fry’s excellent surgery… made a difficult situation so much easier.

A private patient, August 2017

Many thanks to Mr Fry and his team for their great and professional service.

A Private Patient, May 2018

I consider myself very lucky to have been directed to Mr Fry’s care… a caring and approachable consultant who inspires total confidence.

A Private patient, December 2017

You said you would look after me and you certainly did! I received simply first class treatment.

An NHS patient, August 2017

I owe you such a debt of gratitude over the last 4 years since my operation.

A Mouth Cancer patient, December 2017

Thank you so much for your skill and kindness.

An NHS patient, August 2017

Mr Fry is clearly an exceptional and skilled surgeon with a warm and friendly manner


Mr Fry was exceptionally helpful and understanding


You are saving lives!


My Expertise

Reconstructive Surgery


Alastair now performs more free flap reconstructions than anyone else in the UK,
with a success rate of 99% (July 2019)

A leading UK head and neck surgeon, Alastair’s pioneering and innovative approaches to reconstructive surgery means he can provide you with the very best treatment solutions.

Specialist head and neck reconstructive surgeons must understand the prime importance and complexity of the function of the head and neck regions – the regions responsible for the vital tasks of speech, swallow, eating and drinking, as well as conveying emotion and sense of identity.

At the forefront of innovation

Alastair and his colleagues have successfully applied the use of cutting-edge technology, Vivostat PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin), which combines patients’ own clotting and healing factors along with antibiotics to reduce the risk of wound infections and bleeding complications. The outcomes of this have been presented at a big national conference for surgery.

Over recent years, Alastair has developed many important innovations in head and neck reconstruction which have improved the lives of patients who have undergone cancer surgery or major facial trauma.

He has developed, published and taught novel techniques to avoid the facial and neck scars usually occurring following reconstruction. He has also been at the forefront of the 3D printing and imaging applying these to improve the accuracy and success of reconstructions for his patients.

The low risks of reconstructive surgery

Alastair has overseen several hundred free flap reconstructions as a core member and chair of Guy’s Hospital’s Head And Neck Multidisciplinary Team, with a success rate of a staggering 99%.