• About Alastair

    Mr Alastair Fry is an award-winning UK trained and accredited Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.

    He has a special interest in Head and Neck Surgery and reconstruction, and a practice which also includes wisdom tooth surgery, implants, and salivary gland surgery.

    He is also a core member of the Head & Neck Cancer team at Guy's Hospital, London, where he treats over 100 cases of mouth cancer every year.

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  • Expertise

    As an extensively-trained, experienced and fully accredited Dental Surgeon, Alastair can help you with wisdom teeth and dental implants.

    In addition, his wealth of experience in all aspects of head and neck surgery mean that he is at the forefront of reconstructive and salivary gland surgery, jaw implants, and nerve repair.

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  • Clinics

    Alastair practices at London's Cromwell Hospital and Basinghall Clinic.

    Basinghall Clinic is situated in the heart of the City Of London, and provides rapid diagnostic services with unparalleled accessibility.

    The Cromwell Hospital is the best in the UK when it comes to head & neck cancer treatment - and not just for surgery. It also has world-class post-surgery rehabilitation expertise, to ensure that you are supported throughout your care.

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